What i do

I like making connections, especially between art and everyday life. I relate with existential and daoist ideas, especially those about identity, purpose, meaning, or lack thereof. I also enjoy connecting between the Chinese and Euramerican ideas and the so-called “traditional” and “contemporary”.

I present reflections through writing, calligraphy, ink, and other visual works and artistic involvements, with a tendency to blur the formal definitions between them as the boundaries between my life and art are also quite unclear. I think my style is best described as a kind of "oriental grunge". I nest levels of references, relating to the multiplicities within and around me, with the aim of encouraging plurality in interpretation and suggest possibilities for confluences.


Motivated by connecting ideas, especially between art and life, Lee Ju-Lyn approaches daoist aspirations and existential concerns, with combinations of literary and visual art and styles. Ju-Lyn has exhibited at the National Gallery Singapore, Ngee Ann Cultural Centre, Lim Hak Tai Gallery. She has also authored and published several fiction and non-fiction titles, and initiated and produced, Notions, an indie collective art-zine.

She had received the Woon Brother Art Prize, and NAC Arts Creation Grant, for her visual and literary efforts, respectively.

Ju-Lyn recently completed her Fine Art studies, with a Chinese ink specialism, at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA), with numerous scholarships and study award. She is currently pursuing a Masters of Arts in Museum Studies and Curatorial Practices in Nanyang Technological University.

《我的东西》 I Thing therefore I am.  (Self-portrait) 2016. Assemblage.

《我的东西》I Thing therefore I am. (Self-portrait) 2016. Assemblage.